Top 10 things to know before proposing a Person

Top 10 things to know before proposing a Person

Love is the most beautiful thing to happen to anyone. It is a carefree feeling. A person does not even understand how and when he has dropped head over heels for someone. Every person preserves the fact that love just occurs. It is never planned and can never be intentional. It has been seen that people had set for themselves a faultless ideal but fell in love with a totally different person. Love therefore does not control anything and it just grows for someone you spend time with. But what after love? Real difficulties arise after you are with your partner and are now preparation to take your relative one step ahead. Yes I am talking about that instant when you plan to offer your partner to spend the life with you. It is certainly not as easy as falling in love and dating. Spending your life composed needs a lot of deliberation. When it comes to marriage you not only have to think about the two of you but also about your relations. Therefore before you offer your partner it is very important to focus on certain things. Do not rush in your choice to propose to your partner. Here are the 10 most significant things that you must know about your partner before offering.

10. Ready or not

9. Ambition

8. Nature

7. Family

6. Expectations

5. Loyalty

4. Religion

3. Plans after

2. Past

1. Current status

This is the most central thing to know. How is your partner today? May be she or he has had a bad past but how they are today is what you must worth. For girls they need to know about the guy’s work outline before taking any step ahead in the relative. This also plays a very important role in manipulating the girl’s family. The girl’s present views on relatives and her willingness to change is what a guy seeks. Get to know entirely about the present status with admiration to finances, emotions, career, families etc. Constancy in the present is ideal for giving promise in a relation.

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