Top 10 Things that are Most Overpriced

Top 10 Things that are Most Overpriced

We, the people, do want to save time and money. But it would nearly be unfeasible to save both time and money at the same time. Let us assume that you are status in a long queue to buy the movie tickets. You are quiet sure that when you reach the contradict, the tickets for the demonstrate would be sold out. At the same time, you are at the verrge to watch the movie. then you would be eager to buy the ticket from other persons at a higher price. Here you could save your time but at the value of money. also the person who is selling the ticket to you, could save his cash but at the value of time. This is the appearance intended for latter type of people.

We would come across the follow things on a day-to-day basis. These are the equipment we shouldn’t be paying for. Here comes the list of top 10 things that are dear. This list is firmly for the people who want to make more of their money and not for the people who are always behind the time.

10. Hotel in-room services:

9. College text books:

8. Greeting cards:

7. Coffee:

6. Printer ink:

5. Brand name fashions:

4. Brand name drugs:

3. Movie theatre popcorn:

2. Tax return preparation & other accounts:

1.Bottled water:



From our 1st rating we have studied that water is a freely nearby resource in this planet. But today water that is prepackaged is the most overpriced one. The chalk up price of the same is 4000% more than actual cost. Still then, we carry on to buy the packaged water. keep in mind that bottled hose is the second most accepted drink after that to soda.

from side to side the recent reports, it is long-established that 40% of the package drinking water bottles are filled with public water. Hence it would be improved if you try to fill your water bottle in your home itself to stay away from any further costs throughout your trips.



Sumit Gulia

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