Top 10 Tips to Improve Body Posture

Top 10 Tips to Improve Body Posture

The modern day life style as well as the harmful habits that people display these days have cause many health connected problem to the current generation. One of such issue is the shocking corpse posture. This is a ensuing effect of many ill health practices, as well as has severe consequences. An improper body posture not only adversely affects the character of an human being, but also results in medical harms such as back ache as well as accelerate aging process. Hence to continue healthy, it is significant that people aim for a great body posture.

Here is a list of ten such tips which might be cooperative in getting a correct body posture.

10. Moving in regular intervals

9. Sitting on chairs with sufficient lumbar support in a correct seating posture.

8. Sleeping on the back on a firm mattress

7. Proper use of pillows while sleeping

6. Avoiding the high heels 


5. Regular Exercising

4. Avoiding certain unhealthy habits

3. Maintaining a correct standing posture

2. Trying to avoid any kind of stress

1. Being Confident

An old saying goes as “that one who looks into the eyes while language is certain about what he is speaking”. This declaration probably sums up my declaration that a confident person looks straight, which in turn means that the being has a improved body posture.


It has been experiential that a person who is certain exhibits a better body bearing than a comparable person who lacks assurance. It might be concluded that body posture and poise level are needy upon each other, while on one hand, a poor posture decrease the level of confidence in a person, on the other hand a person with lower confidence level often display poor body posture. Therefore a person, who needs to have a good body posture, must stay put confident in all the behavior he/she carries out.

Sumit Gulia

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