Top 10 Toughest Decisions in Life

Top 10 Toughest Decisions in Life

Life as we know, is not a divan of roses. We face thorns too and in most random situation. There comes a time in every individual’s life when he is in a tight spot and does not do what to do, which path to take, which decision to make. Very few lucky ones get their lucky omens and follow that. But alas! Most of us are left to choose one between the two following our instincts and from time to time even haphazardly. planned beneath are 10 of the toughest decisions approximately all of us have to make at some point of time. For some, the results are lucky and for some they are just disastrous. But life goes on. Let’s have a look. Shocked? Wait, go through the point. Remember the time when we were kids and would go out to play during our vacations when the ice cream seller would pass by? We had a tough time credible our mothers to let us have one. That battle won, the subsequently battle begun when we had to choose one particular flavor. Every picture on the menu card was so appealing that we would spend several minutes staring at it and yet not come up with anything. It was heart wrench to have to choose only one among so many. The golden days they were! So it’s that dreadful time of the year when it is someone’ birthday or anniversary and you have to buy him or her gifts. You start planning about what probable gifts you can buy in the given financial plan. But it seems like forever to be able to zero in on one meticulous gift. You seem to like every item the gift shop has on display and just hop ion from one corner to another in search of that ideal gift, because you want your gift to be unique and special for that person being. Finding gifts for our friends, connections and families is really a tough job.

Top 10 Toughest Decisions in Life are:

10. Ice Cream Flavors

9. Gift

8. Job or Higher Studies

7. Stream of Studies

6. Be in the Rat Race or Follow Our Dreams

 5. Choosing Between Partner and Family

4. To Let go of People

3. Let Somebody Come in

2. Marriage

1. Choosing between the Heart and Mind


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