Top 10 Types of Street Arts

Top 10 Types of Street Arts

What is art? The query is sure to suggest many different responses; after all here is no well described meaning for it. Art can be anything from drawing to cooking, from vocal to painting. It can be graphic as in a painting, a drawing or comic floorings etc. It can be perceptible as in music, vocal or contributory. Or it can even be comestible as cooking is also an art, with all the feels and flavours uniting to serve your taste sprouts. Talking about graphic art, the world has seen many great artists, like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci and Paolo Uccello amongst many others, who have twisted the painting into their magnificent artworks but some others did not want their work to be limited in the sheets of paper or painting. They needed somewhat bigger, something huge to show their aptitude and feelings. Moreover they wanted to take strong social messages which could not be done by custody the art work in colonnades or museums. So they took down to roads. From where ubiquitously can see it and get enthused by it. Thus a new form of art the “road art” came into being. It is a form of graphic art which is laid out in public places, exactly in streets. Street art is basically an unsanctioned form of art since it is opposite to the government’s sponsored creativities and is often called Vandalism. Usually the utterance of the words “street art” creates a picture of a graffiti or a image on the street, in our minds but it is really a quite expanded form that we know very petite about. The next are its 10 best types.

10. Sculptures

9. Wheatpaste

8. Street Poster Art

7. Street Installation

6. Art Intervention

5. Video Projections

4. Sticker Art

3. Graffiti

2. Stencil Graffiti

1. 3D Street Art

These are also my individual favourite. I think it is really astonishing how a simple (Ok these are so not simple!) painting can really make you believe that there is abruptly a huge pit on the road which you sauntered on yesterday and from that very pit a huge is coming out! Yes, 3D street paintings are that much truthful. 3D street art or the Three Dimensional road art is not an art that has arose up in new years. 3D art dates back to 1980s when Kurt Wenner conceived this excellent form of street art which can be done with write or paints and are astonishingly successful in making an optical illusion in the eyes of the spectators.



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