Top 10 Ways to Distinguish a Bad Friend

Top 10 Ways to Distinguish a Bad Friend

Friends are like stars, you may not see them always, but you know they are there”.  For many people friendship is most beautiful bond they share. Infact it is. In the human world friendship is the most amazing, fluid, colorful as well as dependable relationship. Like it is said, “friends are not your whole life, but they make your life whole”. Friends do mean a lot, as well as they are equally special to every person in every age group, from every class, every place, as well as every background, everywhere. But, are all those people you think are your friends, your friends in the real sense? Haven’t you been betrayed, disappointed as well as let down by a person you called a friend once? Haven’t you experienced broken friendships? Really one can never deny these things. We have all had our share of disappointments as well as experienced bad friendship. But why is it that this process does not seem to end? Why do we often end up with the wrong friends, getting betrayed as well as heartbroken? Well, the answer is human nature is such that we can never totally understand as well as trust anyone entirely. A person’s loyalties keep changing as well as so does friendship. Still, we do need to have some hints of who is a friend as well as who not, for our own sake, our own happiness as well as security. Below is a list of Ten Ways To Distinguish A Bad Friend – 

10. Bossy

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”, a true fact. If you have a friend who ignores your calls, messages as well as conversations when you are upset, in need or seeking help, it is evident that you are mistaken in identifying your friends. A true friend stays, when you are in need. A true friend will hold you, be your confidant, take a stas well as as well as fight all odds with you. If these things go missing when you are in need, as well as the person comes after you in their needy times, your friendship is one sided. It cannot survive. A bad friend will very clearly cut off from you when you are in need. The primary reason why we all need a friend is that we need someone to depend upon in our bad times as well as someone to share our happiness with. Our basic need of sharing as well as companionship is what calls for friendship. So, when in need, if it goes missing, how can we say we have a nice friend?


Top 10 Ways to Distinguish a Bad Friend

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