Top 12 Most classy Shoes inside the World

Top 12 Most classy Shoes inside the World

If you’ve reached this article, I’m sure you’re pregnant those glossy red-lacquered only Louboutins with the most charming and stylish look ever or the classy Manolo Blahniks at the top of the ’12 most expensive shoes around the world’ catalog. Unluckily , to your surprise, there are some fabulous piece of configuration crafted to perfection by some of the most well known designer that manage to create a quantity of of the the majority expensive footwear as well as up to $15 million. Owning a pair of these high-end stilettos is every girl’s vision and a stature of aim in life. Let’s have a seem at them.


Top 12 Most classy Shoes inside the World are:


12.  Kathryn Wilson’s Diamond Pumps – $418,450


11.  Stuart Weitzman’s Diamond Dream Stilettos – $500,000

10.  ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Ruby Slippers – $612,000

9.  Stuart Weitzman’s Marilyn Monroe Shoes – $1 million

8.  Stuart Weitzman’s Retro Rose Pumps – $1 million

7.  Stuart Weitzman’s Platinum Guild Stilettos – $1.09 million

6.  Stuart Weitzman’s Ruby Stilettos – $1.6 million

5.  Stuart Weitzman’s Tanzanite Heels – $2 million

4.  Stuart Weitzman’s Cinderella Slippers – $2 million

3.  Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Heels – $3 million

2.  Harry Winston’s Ruby Slippers – $3 million

1.  Debbie Wingham’s High Heels – $15 million



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