Top 12 Women Freedom Fighters of India

Top 12 Women Freedom Fighters of India

Even after 68 years of independence at what time we Indians could feel the fervor in addition to the resentment of the people who witnessed with the intention of era and even participated in the freedom procedure of India. People from all walk of life forgot all differences and come together from all walks of life in addition to all classes of society be it men or women or childhood all came on streets to clash for the freedom of their country. We immobile read or hear with awe on the subject of courageous stories of lack of restrictions fighters of those times; they still fill our heart with respect, courage and patriotism in addition to leaves our eyes wet with tears.

History has witnessed frequent women with exceptional courageousness along with intelligence who walked shoulder to shoulder in the midst of men of their times. Let us remember women of the self-determination era who fought bravely for their country as well as contributed towards the accomplishment of independence of the country India. They are still a foundation of inspiration to not only women but in the direction of all.

Though there are a lot of, here is a list of only 12 of them who be exceptionally great and their absence would encompass definitely made this task additional difficult than it was.

The list state the chronological order.


12. Rani lakshmibai (19th November – 17th June 1858)

11. Begum Hazrat Mahal (1820- 7th April 1879)

10. Annie Besant (1st October 1857- 20th September 1933)

9. Madam Bhikaiji Cama (24th September 1861- 13thAugust 1936)

8. Kasturba Gandhi (11th April 1869- 22 February 1942)

7. Sarojini Naidu (13th February 1879- 2nd March 1949)

6. Kamala Nehru (1st August 1899- 28 February 1936)

5. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (18th August 1900- 1st December 1990)

4. Sucheta Kripalani (25th June 1908- 1st December 1974)

3. Aruna asaf Ali (16th July 1909- 26th July 1996)

2. Durga Bai Deshmukh (15th July 1909- 9th May 1981)

1.Usha Mehta Savitribai Phule (25th March 1920- 11thAugust 2000)


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