What is a Sales Enablement Program?

What is a Sales Enablement Program?

Sales enablement has one goal: sales success. Sales enablement perfectly aligns people and technology to increase sales overall and the likelihood of each sale succeeding. In a changing marketplace, in which technology is increasingly critical to how we interact with our world and our customers, sales enablement is an essential tool for companies to stay competitive. 


By using sales content that is personalized and tailored to each customer, sales enablement can dramatically shorten sales cycles. They do this by improving buyers’ intentions, so each ad is more likely to result in a sale. This streamlining of the sales process reduces the clutter and wasted expenses of advertising that misses the mark. Here we’ll answer everything about what is a sales enablement program.

What can a Sales Enablement Program Do?

When appropriately enacted, a sales enablement program can have dramatic effects throughout your sales and other departments:

  • Reduce time spent selling. The more time that your salespeople spend selling without accomplishing a sale, the more disheartened they will be. They may then be less likely to eventually make the sale. You want time spent selling to be as likely to result in a sale as possible. 
  • Increase win rates. It’s no fun to fail. Low win rates indicate lots of ideas and attempts and failure to turn those opportunities into sales. Higher win rates improve the income and morale of your sales team. More successful efforts make it more likely that you’ll have even more successful efforts in the future. 
  • Get bigger sales. What’s better than a sale? A big sale, of course. Sales enablement can target advertising to make it more likely that a customer will not only buy but make a large purchase. Bigger deals mean more revenue for the efforts put into advertising. 

Sales Enablement: The Successful Alignment of Marketing and Sales


Marketing and sales have always gone hand in hand. Still, sales enablement goes even further to destroy barriers between operations, marketing, and sales. By removing barriers that impair cooperation and understanding, sales enablement improves the content process in its entirety. 


When teams can collaborate towards their mutual goals, their efforts are often better targeted, making them more likely to accomplish the sale. It may seem obvious to break down the walls of communication. Still, it can be challenging to enact such changes, especially in larger companies. 80% of companies believe that collaboration between cross-functional teams is informal or non-existent. 


Numerous stakeholders must work together to make the decision. To put it into practice, a deliberate strategy must be developed and process put into place to execute it. The right technological sales enablement program will increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. 


How does Sales Enablement Technology Work?


  • Content management. A strong repository of marketing-approved content is essential to improving win rates. 
  • Sales training. Your sales team needs to be consistently on board with other departments to maintain excellent sales conversion of sales
  • Sales communication. Great communication gives representatives the information and knowledge that they need to succeed. 
  • Marketing insights. Sales have always depended on data, but in today’s market, it is essential to have specific data about your customers and what works and what doesn’t.


Sales Enablement Technology is Essential for Sales Success


If you want your sales team to be as effective as possible, you need sales enablement technology. Improving communication and sales effectiveness throughout your company isn’t easy. Plans must be thorough, tailored to your brand, and enacted throughout your company. 


With sales enablement, improvement doesn’t stop in sales. Your marketing team, operations managers, and sales representatives will all work together in open communication to achieve your sales goals. 


Sumit Gulia

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